Side by Side

Today I wanted to share with you a composition from “Side by Side” a 1994 recording of Oscar Peterson (piano) playing together with one and only Itzhak Perlman (violin).

I think I owned this CD recording for twenty years (for all young fellows out there reading this, it is a great CD to impress girls, a side from the fact that it is wonderful music). While looking for this piece I stumbled on a wonderful concert recorded in 1980 – Oscar Peterson (piano), Joe Pass (guitar), and Count Basie (piano).

Just a Gigolo

This improvisation by Oscar Peterson, “Just a Gigolo”, is very special to me. I used to listen to it together with my son Jonah as I drove him to daycare on my way to work. It was our song. We had our favorite part (at the 1:54 mark). We loved it so much, we’d turn up the volume and listen to it several times each trip. It is still our song, but Jonah turned thirteen a few days ago and will have his bar mitzvah next week. According to Jewish tradition he is a man now. I want my little Jonah back. Music is almost like an amplifier of memories.

As I write this I realize that five years from now I’ll be remembering the time I spent with the five- and the thirteen-year-old Jonahs. And I’m thinking that maybe we live too much in the past and future and not enough in the now. I am off to pick up Jonah from his bar mitzvah lesson and drive him home. Enjoy the song. Live in the now.

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