Why I Write About Classical Music

I was asked recently why I write about classical music and what the reader feedback has been.  Here is what I answered:

One day I started sharing classical music with my readers. I just did. Not sure why. When I psychoanalyze that decision I find many reasons, and I’m not sure I can point to a single one.

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.Elvis Costello

But here’s a list of them, just off the top of my head:

  1. I truly love classical music. Its longevity fascinates me. We still listen today to music that was composed hundreds of years ago.
  2. Writing about classical music forces me to learn more about it. Even before I started writing about it, I was considering auditing a music appreciation class at the local university. Now I have an excuse to learn!
  3. I really enjoy getting readers’ feedback and their suggestions. Many of my readers know more about classic music than I do, so I get to learn from them.
  4. Since I write about it, now I can justify spending hours on Youtube listening to various performances.
  5. I love investing, and I love writing about it. But sometimes I feel it consumes too much of me. Writing about other subjects that are sometimes personal in nature, be it music or a trip to Santa Fe or Key West, is a nice diversion.

Life is too short to spend it thinking only about investments.