Bach – Cello Suite No. 1

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If the word Bach instantly puts you to sleep; if you relate Baroque music to the word boring, I can relate to your sentiment, as I used to feel the same way. But Bach’s Piano Concerto in D minor was the piece that really changed my perception of this musical genius. However, I promise you that after you listen to today’s piece, you will have found a brand new, delightful Bach. 

Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 is one of his most-performed pieces. Bach was a master of using counterpoint:  creative voices that are interdependent but at the same time have different rhythms. Suite No. 1 is the gold standard of counterpoint technique. I’ll include a traditional performance of Suite No. 1 by Yo-Yo Ma and Mischa Maisky, but the performance I want to focus on today is by a group known as the Piano Guys. With the magic of today’s audio and video recording equipment, they reworked this suite for eight cellos. This video has 37 million views, twenty of them from me and my family (my kids could not stop watching it).

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