Bach – Prelude in B Minor

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I would like to share with you the “Prelude in B Minor” by J.S. Bach. My almost-10-year-old daughter, Hannah, calls it “our [her and my] song”. This piece is simple yet so beautiful. Hannah and I sampled a lot of performances, but this one by Grigory Sokolov is our favorite.

Sokolov won the gold medal at the International Tchaikovsky Competition (the Olympic Games for piano players) in 1966 at age 16. That competition was headed by famous Russian pianist Emil Gilels.

Gilels’ performance.:


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  • John Hurst says:

    Hi Vitaliy,
    You have been my introduction to Classical music and i look forward to going on a new adventure in music.

  • Kees v Snabel says:

    Such a delight
    To have this site

  • Jim Edmundson says:

    Awesome! I loved both versions. Very distracting though. I find it hard to work and listen without being drawn into the music. Thanks for sharing.

  • I liked the first version more . It was more mysterious and deeper than the Gilels version . But whatever Bach I hear it;s always a treat . Thank you for this site !

  • Reuben Auscher says:

    Hi Mr. Katzenelson. As an Israeli I like your idea of sending over your son to our country and for having equipped him for such a journey for long. Being an investor in my years of retirement, I do read quite a lot about business and finances. Am more on the momentum side rather than on the value investing. Due to my educational shortcoming ion the domain. I love the fact that you blend in classical music and paintings into you professional writing. Balancing between the rationale and soul. Thumbs up.

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