Bach – WTC-I 02-Prelude and Fugue in C minor

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  • Adelaide Edelson says:

    When I opened this site, I saw 3 performance choices. I was so taken with the first performance, by a man(unnamed) who played everything staccato, that I wanted to hear him again. After listening to the other two offerings, the second on a harpsichord, I scrolled back and the first player was gone! In his place was a box of 6 YouTube offerings.
    Please provide the name of the mysterious first performer, so I can listen to him again on YouTube. I thought his performance was superb.

  • John H Abeles MD says:

    Marcin Dabrowski, Polish pianist – recorded in 2014

  • I disagree with Adelaide the female pianist kept the pace at the right tempo,- crisp and clear notes, more feeling -light and shade, I heard each rendering 3 times, and whereas I wanted to hear her play a fourth time, I had heard sufficient of him.

  • Larry Morley says:

    Hard for me to not like Bach. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention but I thought Vitality did not really like baroque?

    It would have been nice to hear a guitar rendition in addition to the piano and harpsichord.

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