Ben Zander – Lessons for Life || Bach

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  • Unbelievable ! What a difference between the first part and after the interpretation !!He played very well before but after , he played just wonderful , deep tone and with all his inner side coming out !

  • So moving to hear this powerful interchange between the performer and the master. Ben Zander’s words and movements are immensely inspirational. He said of musicians, “We are like priests” and must give to our congregation. My soul is nourished.

  • Rosario Valdes says:

    Wonderful music. It is a lesson in life.

  • Thank you for this. Helps you understand the nuance and complexity of classical music. I had the privilege and satisfaction of hearing Yo Yo Ma perform the Cello Suites live. As you have said, it is amazing how hundreds of years later the music still resonates. Ben Zander has incredible musicianship. You might add his Ted Talk to your Why Classical Music.

  • Danny Van Quaethem says:

    Michal Ashkenasi and the others made great comments. I would add one thing: what a marvelous teacher. Instead of saying “you play it wrong” he starts explaining the Seven Bar Phrase in Bach’s WTK Prelude 1. “How would you know, if you play it so slow, that there are bars in there?” (Alexandre Tharaud plays it slowly, by the way.) The top moment is of course at min 13.00 when Zander releases the hear of his student and thereby all his musical energy. Thank you for posting this superb fragment.

  • Mike says:

    This is a very cool and helpful video. I never knew there was a 7 bar phrase until today. It changes how I hear the music

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