Brahms Violin Concerto in D major

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  • Sanjay Srivatsa MD FACC FSCAI says:

    Gorgeous What a great selection: the Perlman version of both the Brahms and Tchaikovsky concertos were what I have always listened to as the gold standard. Vengerov is stunning and now my go to favorite also. Thanks for this.

  • dear Vitaliy
    what a wonderful Bomsori Kim is. thank you for forthis.
    Wow !! I have been an advoc<te for the young Norwegian Angelina
    Jordan for several months now. She is by far the best, the most talented jazz singer, plus being the very best to sing other singer songs. the critics are overwhelmed by her perfection. I have listened to all her recordings on video that I can her. tearsrun down my cheeks when I listen to her. however she has been ignored by the music industry in Denmark ! I have written in ti Danish Radio c omplaining bitterly, but have as yet not had a concret reply about Angelina. if there should be other Danes who read this, please join my protest she is the rising star– at 8 years old she won "Norway has talent (2014) she won the judges decision on "America has talent"- she has been in t,v, shows there, and has toured the workld. her parents have insisted that her schooling comes first, and concerts are few and far beteen. should you want more info. on her I would be so happy to tell you.– I just say thank you a million times for including her performances on your weekly sending. Angelina Jordan (now 14 yrs old) is so perfect that the critics say "thera are no words to describe her perfection. as one critic said "she has been sent by God to us
    yes I get carried away Vitaliy
    thank you for sending these music pieces to us.
    my very best wishes
    p.s. the script on my computer is so insistinct that I cannot see any typing errors. !

  • Clem Goemans says:

    Thank you for the beautiful music. Just 2 questions: 1 why is the lighting over the ochestra and the soloist so dark? 2 Why is the type here so light that I can hardly see it? Pse excuse any typos

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