Silent Woods

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Lately I’ve been completely consumed by the music of Czech composer Antonin Dvorak. I recently shared his New World Symphony and Cello Concerto. The piece that has gripped my soul and won’t let go is called “Silent Woods.” It is part of the collection called From the Bohemian Forest (Bohemia is an area in what is now called the Czech Republic).

Dvorak was not a big fan of cello. Originally he wrote “Silent Woods” for piano. But the piece became very populator, and he transcribed it for cello. I implore you to listen to the piano piece first and then only to cello. For some reason the piano version, though great, doesn’t do what the cello version does to me – grabs by soul and turns it upside down and makes all the investment nonsense I write about seem so insignificant.

What do you think?

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