Chopin – Complete Waltzes

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  • Addie Edelson says:

    What a remarkable painting. The way the artist uses light to draw you into The painting is beautiful. I stared, riveted, at the light on the road to the left, the light in the two tiny windows in the isolated house, and of course the light in the sky, with its promise of sun.
    All this to the accompaniment of the waltzes.
    Thank you!
    Thank you.

  • Mike Sackmary says:

    Phenomenal painting. Will you sell me a print, or a digital file and I can print it myself (one copy, for me)?

  • Tom Pavey says:

    Awesome. Can I too buy a print?

  • Nanci says:

    Chopin waltzes…the most beautiful music of all. Thank you for sending.

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