Gil Kaplan: Mahler & The Millionaire

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  • Dear Vitaliy
    Thank you so much for the Kaplan- Gustav Mahler video, Tou know already that Mahler is imbedded in my soul. – the greatest composer who has ever lived, combining all man`s feelings in his music. It was a fantastic experience for me to dit here rooted to my chair, following the video. I have said it befdore I know, but at the ending of tis fantastc symphont, tears run down my face. . Agfain soi many thanks to you.

    my very best wishes Vitaliy.

  • Harold Lindenthal says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this.

  • George says:

    Vitaliy, thank you for bringing this video to my attention, and the amazing man who loved Mahler, who gave his full heart to him. Ir was very well spent time and making me to go back to my CD library to listen to Mahler and his Resurection symphony again.

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