Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 7

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Everyone knows that Beethoven wrote five piano concertos. Okay, not everyone. But if you are a Ludwig Von Beethoven junkie, you know that. Well, and everyone is wrong, kind of. Though officially Beethoven wrote five piano concertos, he attempted to write a sixth but didn’t finish it – he abandoned it around 1815 (12 years before his death). Here is one performance of this unfinished concerto.

But it is not the 6th concerto that piques my interest and that I’d like to share with you today, it is the 7th – Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in D major, which the composer transcribed to piano. (I am sure I am driving Beethoven purists insane at this point.) But Beethoven did not just rewrite the score for another solo instrument, oh no, he wrote brand new cadenzas (solo virtuoso parts). So I, the music non-authority, choose to call this concerto his 7th (record labels call it number 6).

Though I love Violin Concerto in D major (which you can listen to here), this piano concerto has its own special tenderness.

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  • Michael Jeanfreau says:

    I love Beethoven and the Violin Concerto in D major is among my favorites. Thanks for sharing a new take on the great piece of music!

  • Ronèe Robinson says:

    I am recovering from the shock of hearing the introduction to THE violin concerto as anything but that and then to learn about a nr 6 piano concerto? Even so, I love your posts as well as the paintings that accompany them. I have thought for many years that Russians and/or Jews bring something very special to music. Best musicians of the previous century? Heifetz/Kogan/Ostraikh/Richter and then Vengerov, whom I had the great privilege of hearing in person in Pretoria. Lets not forget about Netrebko and Gergiev and Dmitri Hrostovsky. There is something profoundly meaningful about the way Russians make music. The soulfulness of your approach has only reinforced my views. Spasiebo, Dankie uit Johannesburg, Suid – Afrika.

  • Frank McCraw, CFA says:

    This is so interesting! I am one of your “usual” Beethoven aficionados, and echo the comments above. I look forward to more of your investment and classical music insights. Thanks!

  • Mike Sackmary says:

    Vitaliy, you find the most interesting music. I always enjoy reading your email notes.

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