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Today I want to share with you Piano Concerto in G minor by Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904), a Czech composer.  This is the only piano concerto Dvorak composed.  According to Dvorak, in this concerto he was unable to create a battle between the piano and the orchestra.  There is very little drama here; the piano is an important instrument, but it doesn’t put up a fight with the orchestra.  But this concert is anything but a failure.

I implore you to start listening from the second movement (at the 18:27 mark).  It had the same impact on me as the second movement of Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No. 2.  Both came to me through a random playlist created by Spotify, which I listen to while I read.  However, when I heard the Shostakovich and Dvorak pieces, the music captivated me so much that I stopped.  I’m not sure what words I should use to describe the piano solo in the second movement – clear, kind, gentle, romantic… but I’ll let you be the judge.


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  • Rick says:

    Two months into my 80th year on planet earth , and I’m still positioning/trading the stock market. Go figure.
    Enjoyed your comments on bit coins , the latest “tulip” adventure.
    Mostly , I want to thank you for sharing Dvorak’s Piano Concerto in G Minor. Since my music appreciation course at Rutgers, I’ve been hooked on Classical music, especially piano concertos and Chopin sonatas,Rach 2, Grieg’s piano concerto, Beethoven piano concerto #5,and the 5th Symphony.
    Thank you for introducing me to Dvorak anew, other than his New World Symphony

  • Jim says:

    As always very grateful for your selections and words of wisdom

  • George says:


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