Bruckner 7 Symphony

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Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails (more than usual) from readers thanking me for including classical music with my articles and sending out Saturday music. (If you are not subscribing to my music-only articles, you can do it here).

I have to say that I am the biggest beneficiary of my writing about classical music; it forces me to go wider and deeper into the music. It creates the discipline of allocating time not just to listen to music – something I’d be doing anyway – but to learn more about it. If I was not writing about it, I would not have dug into Anton Bruckner’s music, and I would not have spent hours reading about him.  

So thank you for reading my scribbles and writing to me.  

Listening to Bruckner’s music requires work (I wrote about Bruckner here). His music is not easy to grasp from the first listen (at least it wasn’t for me).  It lacks an arc – a large melody that carries through the whole symphony – but rather is full of wonderful, loosely connected small stories. The lack of a central melody makes his music more difficult to understand and is probably responsible for it being less popular. I had to listen to Symphony No. 7 – the symphony that made him famous – a dozen times before it clicked with me. 

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  • Pattie Fevreau says:

    Thank you so very much for introducing me to classical music. It fills my heart.

  • Robert says:

    Vitaliy, I find it such an appealing quality in your tapestry of life primarily as a businessman that you can weave in a great golden thread devoted to the arts !

  • Alton D Gibson says:

    Vitaliy, thank you for sharing finance, art and music with us. I think of you as a modern day Renaissance Man.

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