Hauser – Concierto de Aranjuez

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  • Christopher Long says:

    this is a wonderful piece of music, – digs deep into my soul, giving solace and comfort to me, in these trying days .- with so much at stake around the world. warmongers, and the irresponsible American President are such a threat, that such a sublime work as this, lifts up the spirit I think,— thank you Vitalliy.


  • Jack says:

    Thanks, as usual, for your music recommendations, Vitaliy.

    For another take on this piece, listen to the first track of Miles Davis’ album “Sketches of Spain.” That track is Miles playing this piece, as arranged by Gil Evans, and backed up by a brass choir–which seems like an odd choice for backing up a trumpet, but it really works! Miles’ unique timbre lends itself very well to the sadness and loss that this piece evokes.

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