Pavarotti in China

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  • SANJIV DAS says:

    Vitaly you’ve been my biggest discovery this year. We have the same identical interests in markets, classical music and art. We both love our heritage and the new country we chose for ourselves and our family. I’m no “Warren Buffet nor Vitaly” but I soak in everything you write and Elliot says. Including listening to Mark Manson and Pavarotti in China.
    Btw I love Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #2 and Beethoven’s Pastorale.
    Btw I’m a Banker who credits himself with unwinding the last mortgage crisis at Citi and now unwinding another one as CEO of the third largest non bank company owned by Lonestar.
    Keep doing the great job you’re doing dear Vitaly – you’re a breath of great

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