Schubert – Piano Trio No. 2 Opus 100

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Schubert Piano Trio No. 2. – Istomin-Stern-Rose – II. Andante con moto

Schubert Piano trio No.2 in E-Flat Major. Op.100. D.929:II.  Andante con moto

Schubert, Trio op. 100, Andante con moto – Ambroise Aubrun, Julien Hanck et Maëlle Vilbert

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  • Christopher says:

    I am having trouble with the volume.- do not know why.- this is very annoying
    Vitaliy. ! thanks for sending these works by Schubert.
    regards Christopher.

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  • Carol says:

    I have loved classical as far back as I can remember (age 3?) This work that you sent is wonderful! Thank you!

  • Holly Merrigan says:

    I LOVE that you provide different performances of the same piece!!! Thank you.

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