Shostakovich Fantasia

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Last time I talked about Shostakovich I said, “His music tells stories. We just don’t know what those stories are. Each of his symphonies could have been turned into a Fantasia type of movie.”  Well, my lovely wife and I were listening to the first movement of Piano Concerto Number 2, and she said “Isn’t that the part that was used in Fantasia, the part about the one-legged soldier?”  Well, she was absolutely right: It was featured in Fantasia 2000.  I implore you to listen to the first part of this concerto, then watch Fantasia, and then listen to it again.  Note the change in your perception of this music.

Piano: Denis Matsuev

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  • kris says:

    Unfortunately, I can never understand Shostokovich’s music. I just feel they just sound like bunch of notes. I have been listening to Classical music for over 30 years and I still do not get Shostokovich’s music

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