Wagner Tannhäuser Overture

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  • Dean says:

    A funny note… portions of this piece were used in “What’s Opera, Doc?” – the infamous “Kill the wabbit!” cartoon. This piece was used for the “Farewell, my love” part at the end. So, quite literally for those of us who remember Bubs Bunny cartoons, this is Saturday Morning classical music in more ways than one. 🙂

  • Kevin J Beck says:

    Richard Wagner was also the son-in-law to Franz Liszt, since he married Liszt’s daughter.

    “What’s Opera, Doc?” was among the funniest 8 minutes of television ever.

  • Christopher Long says:

    yes.— and Wagner was anti sematic, therefore his works were well played during the Nazi regime, whereas Gustav Mahler was forbidden.

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