Bach-Busoni “Chaconne D Minor”

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  • Naomi Christman says:

    Wow. what a contrast between these two artists. I enjoyed both of them, but I kind of liked Valentina Lisitsa more. She put so much contrast into it…from powerful and stoic to light and lilting…a different personality…happy, joyful..well just different from the first artist.

  • Kevin Beck says:

    My first awareness of Ferrucio Busoni was the version for piano I learned of his arrangement of J S Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, which was faithful enough to the organ composition so as to be a great substitute. Many of the performance techniques are the same between these two pieces, and the moving octaves throughout are very forceful. I don’t know which of these two videos I have a preference for; I like both.

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