Eugen D’Albert Piano Concertos

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Painting by Alex Katsenelson
  • 9 years ago

I’ve stumbled on Eugen D’Albert maybe fifteen years ago or so.  I was shocked how good his music was and unknown he was. He is a Scottish-born German composer who was also a pianist (you can still find recording of him playing works of other composers).  Similar to Moszkowits he lived in the Rachmaninoff’s era and his music as you’ll hopefully see is Rachmaninoff’s caliber.

Here is his Piano concertos Number 1.  D’Albert loved the institution of marriage, he frequented it quite often  – he was married six times.

While I was looking for links of his piano concertos I stumbled on his cello concerto that I was not aware of.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  • Leif says:

    I knew the name but was not familiar with any of his music. The musical kinship here reminds me of that between Hans Rott and Gustave Mahler.

  • Alfred Roelli says:

    Any idea what landscape is shown in the painting by Alex above? Is it a view (westward) near Rachmaninoff’s Villa Senar in Weggis/Hertenstein (Switzerland)?

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