Bruch Concerto for Two Pianos

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Painting by Alex Katsenelson
  • 3 years ago

Today I’d like to share with you Concerto for Two Pianos by German composer Max Bruch (1838-1920). Max Bruch is well known for his first violin concerto, which probably ranks in the top three most-performed violin concertos. This concerto for two pianos sounds refreshingly different from other piano concertos from the classical and romantic eras. Parts of it sound like a requiem (a hymn for the repose of the souls of the dead), and then there are bursts of optimism that sound almost like themes from an American Western movie. The piece often sounds like it was written by multiple composers.


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    Coooool music!!! But I wish these postings readily identified the artists.
    Alex’s painting reminds me of Salvador Dali. Or sperm swimming around a weird set of Fallopian tubes and a uterun….


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